Today, we’re looking at a tool I recently got to help make cuts on the projector project, the Irwin Quick-Grip 59400CD 4-Inch Handi-Clamp.

The Pros: Simple to use; if you can squeeze, you already know how to use it. Padded gripping surface.

The Cons: Mid-price at under 10 dollars. not the cheapest clamp, but probably one of the most useful and versitile clamps. Grip seems slightly weak.

The Review: Overall 3.8/5.0 – I used this clamp to hold light firring strips to a table to make cuts with my circular saw and it was more than enough when combined with a light grip on the board with my free hand. While the clamp initially seemed to have a weak grasp, it’s ease of use and operation makes up for it. Also, in practice the Irwin Quick-Grip Handi-Clamp proved to be a sturdy tool, perhaps only limited by my own grasping strength. With padded gripping surfaces and easy release mechanism, you’ll find plenty of uses for this clamp–and you won’t need to worry about marring finish surfaces. It is an excellent clamp for the price.  It really is a “handy clamp” and makes an excellent addition to the DIY toolbox.

Anyone else use this clamp? Like it? Hate? Is there another you’d recommend?