Lost your stud finder and need to hang some shelving? Need a cheap Stud Finder?  Why not DIY? Today’s cool DIY trick comes from: http://garages.about.com/od/toolsmaterials/qt/DIYstudfinder.htm

As you may know, there are many styles of stud finders out there, and most people prefer the simple, electronic Zircon-style that use battery power to measure the depth. But if you looked in your parent’s (or grandparent’s) toolbox, you might find a very different stud finder. One that used a rare earth magnet to detect the screws or nails attaching the drywall to studs.

Well, if you find yourself with out a proper stud finder, you can fashion own DIY Stud Finder from a simple rare earth magnet and any sort of handle you have on hand. Simply glue the magnet to your handle and drag lightly across the wall until you feel the pull. Simple and effective.