Do you want to know how to easily reduce your energy bill, cut electricity costs, save money and the environment. There’s a simple way to find ways to reduce your carbon footprint that you can do yourself at home.

Using the P3 Kill A Watt EZ, you can quickly find the energy hog devices and “vampire electronics” in your home. Many electronics and appliances today constantly burn energy while in “standby” mode. A simple example of this is your remote control television… while it waits for the signal from the remote to turn “on” it is constantly using electricity to check for and interpret the signal.

The Kill A Watt EZ, and its predecessor, the slightly less expensive original Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor both let you plug the Kill A Watt device into the wall and the suspect electronic or appliance into the Kill A Watt device.

The device then reports on a number of stats on energy usage. Voltage (usually 120 in the US, give or take); Amperage (how much power the device is currently drawing); Watts used (the product of volts and amps); and Time since you plugged it in. The EZ model will also calculate the wattage per hour and allow you to input your electricity costs to calculate cost per time. On the original, you have to grab a calculator and do the math.

To easily cut your electric bill and save energy, just go around your house and try out the Kill a Watt on everything that plugs in. One shocking item I found: An old CD player that draws 16 watts while in standby!!! That’s almost as much as a CFL left on constantly.
I was also surprised to discover that my various chargers for cell phones, mp3 players etc, together drew another 12 watts. The quick fix for these was adding a power strip which I can now switch off when I’m not charging.

Do it yourself and see how much you can reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy consumption and save with the P3 Kill A Watt!