Are you interested in how to grow tomatoes? Want to start from seeds and grow tomatoes? You can! With a little patience you can grow your very own tomato plants from seeds and be enjoying your very own tomatoes very soon!

What you need:

  • Potting soil
  • A small pot
  • Tomato seeds- pick any variety you like! there are MANY kinds

How to sprout tomatoes from seeds:

  1. Fill a small pot with potting soil
  2. Moisten the soil with water
  3. Add your seeds about 1/2 inch into the soil. Add a few per pot, in case some don’t sprout.
  4. Place in a sunny window or on porch, in garden, etc. Seed sprout best around 70 degrees.
  5. Keep the soil moist. in the hot summer this may take watering several times per day. Your mileage may vary.
  6. In a few days. you will see the seeds start to sprout. You may continue to water and wait for them to grow larger or transplant them now into your garden.
  7. As the plants grow, be sure to add a tomato cage to help support the weight of your very own tomatoes!
  8. Pick, wash, enjoy!